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The Hennefer Family

- Married to Vali for 37 years
- Lived in Carrollton 28 Years
- Raised 4 kids in Carrollton
- Spoiled 8 Grandchildren
- Served 2 Year Mission in Florida and Puerto Rico
- Served 2 Year Mission in Salt Lake Mission Home
- Real Estate Broker (20 years)
- Formed Corporate USA 1991
- Bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (7 years)
- Liaison to the Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina
- Radio Officer for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES)
(current, City of Carrollton)
- Emergency Coordinator for Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)
(current, City of Carrollton)
- Instructor/Group Leader for the Pornography Addition Recovery Group
- Licensed Property Tax Consultant (Texas)


Vali R. Hennefer

  All the grand kids;
Cade, Aubree, Austin, Keira,
Chloee, Nate and Lincoln


  Camee and Grandma "Angel"
    Shawn and Jaquee Cho
Heinz Field 2011
Hoke family, November 2011
Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA.
  Hennefer Family, February 2011
    Hennefer Family, February 2011
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