National Rifle Association of  America (NRA) "A" Rating   The Texas State Rifle Association  "A" Rating   Texas Right to Life Certified Mike Hennefer as meeting Texas Right to Life PAC criteria as  a strong Pro-Life Candidate. God Family Country Denton County Republican Party  Candidate for the Texas House of           Representatives 2012   Believer in the City of Carrollton.    It has a bright future.  I have lived   here with family for 31 years


         with my wife Vali, supervise,

         lead and support 50 Christ

         centered addiction recovery

         groups in the DFW area

         member congregation

         for 7 years for the Church of

         Jesus Christ of Latter-day

         Saints (bishop is a lay

         position in our church)

         callings in the past thirty years

         in Carrollton including seminary,

         Sunday School teacher,

         youth leader and welfare


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Paid for by Mike Hennefer for Carrollton City Council

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